Atom to RSS 2.0 Feed Converter

This service transforms an Atom 1.0 feed into a RSS 2.0 feed. Having looked around the web and realized how badly this service was needed, we decided to build our own from scratch and offer it to the public.

Atom Feed URL

Programmatic API Instructions

In order to use the service directly from your code, redirect your Atom feeds through the following URL.

NOTE: You must encode your URL before attempting to use the link above if you have any characters that will truncate your url parameters early.


In this case, from var2=false and on, the string will not be read as part of the 'url' parameter to the API!

Help us Pay for Hosting this Service

We have seen other sites offer this service for free for a while and then start to charge people. We promise 100% that we will not sucker you in with free stuff and then suddenly charge you for it.

That said, hosting this service is REALLY expensive. So, if you use it, you love it, and you can afford to pitch in a bit of cash, please do! We want to provide more services like this, and if this model works out such that we don't go broke, expect them soon!

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